February 8, 2023

TAMPA, FL – ReRoute Americas is pleased to announce that they are supplying the Chubb Classic Champions Tour Tournament with their ecofriendly products. Reroute is partnering with Par Caterers, the official catering service for the event, as well as The Chubb Classic directly. These partnerships are ensuring the products used for food and drink throughout the tournament are eco-friendly.

The Chubb Classic will be held February 13-19 at the Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, Florida. Reroute is partnering with Par Catering, the official caterer for the event, to provide eco-friendly agave drinking straws, recycled PET cups, and compostable paper cups for drinks. For food options Reroute is supplying agave cutlery and plates made from bagasse, a compostable material made from organic materials. Reroute will also be partnering with The Chubb Classic to supply Tiburon Golf Club with products. The Chubb Classic is an exciting partnership that will promote the use of eco-friendly materials to ensure that the environmental impact the Chubb Classic has is minimal.

Patrick Bishop, the Chief Executive Officer of Reroute Americas, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming partnership and the impact eco-friendly materials can have, “At a high traffic event, like a PGA stop, it’s great to see that The Chubb Classic, Tiburon Golf Club and The Champions Tour are doing their part to minimize the impact of single use plastics.”

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Press Contact: Jessica Tocco
(765) 210-0875